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الرئيسية / ترجمة / THE AUTHOR’S SPEECH


Written by : Elalaoui Rachid – Casablanca
Translated by : Rana Khaled

An author’s speech is not a speech of a governor nor it’s a clergyman’s one. It is not either a political speech of an expert nor it is a scientific or a technical one. It is rather a speech that compiles between this and that without being any one of them. It is a disquisition for the mind, history, future, humanity and criticism.
In general, it conveys a message towards a receiver, builds a sophisticated communication, varies its language and excites. This is one of the famous and obvious matters , otherwise, it will lose all its inward and outward denotation, which means ,it will be out of history , anticipation and expectation and deprived of its humane sense, critical and rational reason.
Naturally ,there are huge differences between speech types ,the governor’s speech is controlled by the interest ,whether individual or communal ,yet ,it should appeal to the reason.
The clergyman’s speech is sentimental and ethical ,but it still needs to appeal to the history and not to deny the facts from their contexts. The speech of the politician is narrow and loaded with utilitarianism ,but it lacks to the universal humane dimension so it is kept captive in its local and political space. The scientist’s speech is granted ;it announces the truth with an evidence. It is also argumentative as it is based upon assumptions for testing ,however,it is not suitable for the future although it claims that it is designed for the future.
A technician’s speech is catastrophic due to its obstinacy in its ability and qualification for accomplishing the tasks and carrying out the projects via plans applying , but it is deficient in criticism and the whole structure.
An author’s speech emerges from his experience, feelings , tracing and expecting the situations . It delays as it checks the merits of the matter and reconstructs them without care of the news and rumors released . A speech which varies to inform the letter, stimulates the recipient to think in his state , future, history, his ability and his present time without providing him with a particular fact. Mostly, it’s heavy with defeats and ruins ,yet it is fraught with hopes.
The author searches among the historical events,surveys the scientific theories ,examines the technician’s procedures ,criticizes the options of the ruler ,discloses the claims of the profit and utility, and uncovers the non- historical of the religious and its immoral piety so he can set up a speech that consistent with what is dominating him as an author of humane concerns , future vision , good insight , historical perception and rational logic.
The speech is not as it was anymore as the author lost his intellectual and cognitive authority; it became a mean speech which doesn’t appeal to any of the mentioned above; it even got down to the lowest of the low against the mind, the cosmic dimension and the history. It became a speech that flooded in the particles, afraid of wrestling the mills of Don Quijote and released into the wind ,freight of the storms as he bows to it like a cane. The author’s speech was shaken and yielded to the power of prestige and money, and bent to the influential people and raised the significance of the gain, faith and the tribe, and adjusted his self to the crowd’s overflow.
The author’s speech was belittled consciously and unconsciously. It was drowned in the clay of crime , sex and the horrible arrogance of the existence by trivial powers that don’t understand what is culture . It was drowned in the quick profit and using of opportunities . It made the compliment for what shouldn’t be complimented, and the corruption trumpet was sounded !
It praised the religion and belief traders. The author’s speech was surrendered by the nonsense imagination and the stupid thought and it subsisted on banquets bits , stopped in the dais feeling sorry for his circumstances and for his country’s , that’s if he has a country. He stopped weakly , worn out , looking for getting back his glory and nobility.
It is paradox that the author’s speech dreams of the wide space of humanity , history, and future while he is in his more sublime pictures of retraction and decay ,how then , can an author’s speech assemble all of this and that

without being any of them ?

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The Author’s Chair – كرسي الكاتب ترجمة رنا خالد




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